Apple jam cookie


It is the most popular item of our company.Apple jam using good apples.
And crispy cookies are exceptional in compatibility.
Production volume is limited because we stick to handmade jam.

Fruit jelly


Agar jelly that is colorful and looks cute.It is gentle sweetness and tasty.
Synthetic coloring is not used, so it is perfect for gifts.

Bean Daifuku


Made in Japan, Hokkaido beans and glutinous rice.
The texture and taste are "special selection" bean Daifuku.

Rice cracker


It is a delicious taste that you can taste with honey and carefully selected soy sauce and carefully fried one by one
and have a reasonable texture and sweetness with depth.

Sweet potato chips


Cut potatoes in a stick form.Fry with oil and mix sugar. Popular sweets that are simple but tasty.
It is natural from Japan.

Doll Castella


An elegant sweet red bean paste using high-quality red bean from Japan. I wrapped it in a thin castella with good palatability. It is delicious baked carefully.