Since its foundation, Taishido has been aiming to be the only one for customers based on the belief that "you will eat freshly prepared sweets deliciously". The belief remains unchanged even half a century has passed since our founding. We value our attitude to keep customers' voice at the forefront and constantly continue to challenge to respond to the demands of the times.

For the first time for sweets, as a specialty store focusing on foods, sake and food, sticking to the safety of food and taste, material and taste, as well as incorporating the sense of a new era, I am spreading to the side. It is satisfying to a lot of customers and it makes us smile, it is our wishes and it is pleasure. As we sympathize with such thoughts, we are trying to achieve moderate growth with the support of our suppliers. Every day, face customers and the truth, think about customers, act with a vision. By doing so, we will strive to provide each society with true wealth beyond the interests of the company by fostering the minds of each and every employee. For that, we will always find the era and express our identity of the Taishido group.